“The fragrant notes to artistic expressions such as music , the teatre or the painting, leave the bottles to guide us from our imagination or fantasy.”


Art Perfume Perfume as a tool of art
Art Perfume Perfume as props as art

Presentation of the exhibition

Dop to drop the essential oils, absolutes and tinctures, designed a unique atmosphere every day, into my workshop.

I've been faithful to three consum perfumes , in my life, I feel a lot of sensations, opening the door every morning. I recognize the nearby nature; the sinuous beauty of exotic corners of the world; the cool tones mixed with food, that have remained in the air the day before, and is that every day, I like more natural raw materials, although some are rude and rough, dealing appropriately, can be felt in all its splendor, making it impossible to remain indifferent to their communication.

For a long time I have been aware of what controlled odors bring us, as perfumes and those that surprise us in our day to day, wherever we go, so I designed a space from which encourages creative perfumery in all areas of artistic expression and cultural, while recovering the spirit of the old creation, by customizing all elements, primarily natural.

Assuming that the perfume is a tool for effective communication and sensory understood with any artistic expression, This exhibition is presented in two parts:

"Facts" sections already walked hand in hand with music, dance, painting and silverware, as real witnesses , harvested from the various experiences recreated here.

"Synergies" empathy with the work of several artists and craftsmen where perfume accords represent linking points , unfinished drafts, but defined. Impulses that initiate a path in common.

The purpose of this demonstration is release the natural perfume behind the boxes where is hidden and show the sovereignty of its space generated by the passion.

Esperança Cases Prats

artisan perfumer

EMMDT – music and dance
Elisabeth Alba – Jewelry
Josep Delgado – painting
Visigodia – ancient music
Mila Cristobal – ceramics
CDMT Terrassa – Documentation Center Textile Museum
Taaora theater and Carpet – Theatre
VSB Barcelona jewelry
Referendum – Fashion
Anna Albert – Hand-painted silk
Si No Somies (If You don't Dream) – philosophy of life
Opening Art Perfume 9 April 2015
Live live the smell of Black Death 11 April 2015
Historical scents in the CDMT
Workshop perfume scented rose- 18 April 2015
Discovering the world of perfume" - 29 April 2015
Art Perfum – Witnesses

Collection of perfumes from the Art Perfume exhibition

Sr. Xavier Villas and Balasch, Head of Artesania Catalunya area of ​​the Trade Consortium, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM) inaugurated the exhibition “Art Perfum, the perfum as a tool of art” who had already started the 3 of April and lasted until 10 May at Artesania Catalunya, Banys Nous street, 11 in Barcelona.

David Places, Cultural Promotion Technician, and the staff of the Center made it possible for everything to be ready for an exhibition where the synergies of artisanal perfume between various artistic disciplines are manifested..

The luxury of having the directory of people who joined the demonstration has been very motivating.
Many thanks to everyone who participated.